Thomas Godoj

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Thomas Godoj,1978年3月6日出生,波兰裔。
作为2007年德国选秀节目第五届“德国偶像”(DSDS——Deutschland sucht den Superstar)的候选人,从海选起就受到所有三位评委的一致认同,始终具有超高人气,一路比赛下来几乎没有遇到什么阻碍,领先每周的投票,最终夺得冠军!
Thomas Godoj
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Thomas Godoj简介

Thomas Godoj,1978年3月6日出生,波兰裔。
颇具唱功的Thomas Godoj之前就自组乐队过,已然颇有名气。凭借其深情质感,抒情摇滚路线,自从在德国全国选秀比赛中大放异彩,Sony BMG唱片公司首先为其操刀发行首张新专辑。
专辑名称:Plan A!
歌手姓名:Thomas Godoj
发行唱片公司:Columbia d (Sony BMG)
Plan A Plan A
发行日期:July 4, 2008
专辑流派:Rock Pop

Thomas Godoj歌曲

01.Love Is You (Radio Version)
02.Not The Only One
04.Too Young To Grow Old
05.I Don't Feel The Same
06.Plan A!
07.Let It Be
08.It's Beautiful
09.Summer Breeze
10.The Morning Sun
11.Helden gesucht
12.When The Tears Are Falling
Thomas Godoj (born March 6, 1978 in Rybnik, Poland) is a Polish-German rock-pop singer and songwriter. He is known most notably for winning season 5 of Deutschland sucht den Superstar (German Pop Idol).
In the summer of 2007, Godoj auditioned in Berlin for the fifth season of Deutschland sucht den Superstar. The judges enjoyed his rock style and attitude and each one voted him on to the next round, and later to the top 15. In the first live show, Thomas performed Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and received over a minutes standing ovation from the audience while the jury gave him overwhelming praise. Week after week, Thomas performed for Germany until he reached the Top 2. Godoj won the final contest with 62,2%.
Although Thomas was a front-runner from the start of the competition, he landed in the bottom groups twice during live result shows. But after the voting results were published, it was shown that Thomas received the highest percentage of votes every week. This places him in DSDS history, along with Mark Medlock, as a contestant with the highest number of votes each week. Technically, he should also rank with Medlock and Alexander Klaws as the only winner never in the bottom 3, as he ranked the highest every week but the bottom group was picked at complete random.
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